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Hello Friends and Family, and welcome to my India blog. This is where you will be able to find info on me and what's going down with me while I trek across the North of India and the Indian Himalayas. Although I probably won't be able to update this site very often, I hope to do so at least a couple of times during my trip.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Getting Ready

Late last night, as I was playing with all my new gear I thought it would be a good idea to write a list of the things I'm taking with me on this trip.

+ Osprey backpack, Crescent model, 70L
+ Canadian flag, sewn on the back with love from my Mom
+ Raincover for backpack
+ Chinook sleeping bag, tiny, good down to 2 deg. C
+ Silk lining for sleeping bag, adds another 2 deg. C to the sleeping bag, brings me down to 0 deg. C
+ Thermal pad (to sleep on)
+ Travel towl, nice and compact
+ Travel pillow, not so compact (almost the same size as my sleeping bag), but comfortable
+ Inflatable travel pillow (depending on its effectiveness, I may give this away)
+ Toiletry bag:
- Tylenol (24)
- Antihistamines (12)
- Malaria pills (24)
- Traveller's Diarrhea pills (20)
- Tiger Balm
- Toothbrush
- Toothpaste
- Contact lense container
- Contact lense juice
+ First Aid Kit:
- 3x3" 12 ply gauze pads (4)
- Guaze tape
- Bandaids (1 large, 6 regular size, 5 small, 2 tiny)
- Antiseptic prep pads (2)
- Antiseptic towlettes (3)
- Second Skin pad (1)
- Needle
+ Second Skin package
+ Pot (with the following items stored in it for transportation purposes):
- Camp suds
- Various empty plastic containers
- Pristine water purification system (2 bottles, mix contents together, put in water, wait 15
- Waterproof container for matches, w/ matches and striking pad inside
+ Money belt
+ Belt
+ Money harness (for ID etc.)
+ Headlamp (very cool!)
+ Mini Turtle lamp
+ Swiss Army Hunter's knife
+ Alarm clock
+ Nalgene water bottle
+ Rope (2 lengths)
+ Map of North India
+ Tilley hat
+ Journal
+ 1 pair of Sportif pants (these are a nice water resistant and quick-dry type of material)
+ 1 pair of Sportif shorts (same)
+ Sweater
+ Rainjacket and windbreaker
+ Passport and relevant ID
+ Sunglasses
+ Box of powerbars
+ Pack of Longview Roni Stix - Original dried pepperoni
+ Garamont hiking shoes
+ Chaco sandals
+ Pentax K-1000
+ Lonely Planet guide to India
+ Lock for my backpack

Although it may seem like a lot... it's actually not, and will hardly take up any room in my backpack.

Now that I've done that, I think it'll be equally as interesting to see the list when I get BACK!! Most of the malaria pills are going to be taken, because I don't want to die of malaria. But I wonder if I'll need the diarrhea pills? And I wonder how much I'll actually use all of this stuff?

Needless to say, it's best to be prepared and I will be relying on many of these things for the next five weeks, so hopefully they all come in handy.


Anonymous Loumeister said...

A few more things for your list:
* Activated Charcoal
* Grapefruit Seed Extract
* Dreadlock to leave at a holy site

8:48 PM  
Blogger Natalie said...

I went to Nepal about 8 years ago (yes, when I was 16!) and if India is anything like that you'll have a blast.

Don't worry about running out of tiger balm 'cos I'm sure you'll find a little kid trying to flog you some!

I also took a dictaphone and recorded this little kid playing us a song on his guitar (busking) and everyone back home was amazed. They are really little nowadays and if your camera doesn't have video (or it takes up too much memory on the card) it's nice to take home sounds from your trip.

1:45 AM  
Blogger Chris Feela said...

Louis: I get mad props for taking your greasy dread to a holy site!... ;) and I may just throw it into the wind NEAR a holy site cause I don't know if they'll let me just leave it somewhere inside their place of worship. We'll discuss though.

And what's the grapefruit seed extract all about??

Natalie: That is SUCH a good idea!! I'm totally going to buy a little dictaphone now! :)

8:27 PM  

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