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Hello Friends and Family, and welcome to my India blog. This is where you will be able to find info on me and what's going down with me while I trek across the North of India and the Indian Himalayas. Although I probably won't be able to update this site very often, I hope to do so at least a couple of times during my trip.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Right On!!

Short Entry today:

Got my Visa for India today at the Indian High Commission!

Found someone to sublet my place while I'm gone!!

Found out that I don't have to go deal with the travel medical clinic again to get a prescription for Altitude Sickness pills, as well as pay them the consulatation fee. Nathalie, one of the other trekkers and an old schoolmate, has some already - and enough to share. So we'll share the costs, and the medication if we need it!

List of things to do before I go (I love lists!):
- Clean my place
- Get duplicate keys for Wayne (subletting my place)
- Introduce Wayne to Maria, the on-site rental agent
- Get some more of those AMAZING hiking socks my Mom bought me
- Get glasses??

And that's it!!

I'm kinda bummed out though. I wanted to leave this Friday for TO, spend Friday and Saturday night with some peeps, have a place to crash, spend Sunday and Monday with my Dad in Guelph, then leave for India on Tuesday. But alas, Dylan's not going to be in town, Chris D's moving, and Yann and Jan are moving the same weekend too! And those are my Toronto peeps! So if I don't have a place to crash... I don't think I'll be leaving Friday. I guess I'll just take the extra day to get my stuff together instead of rushing onto a bus after work on Friday.


Cool pic of the Northern Lights over Michigan July 27, 2006. Photographer: Jeff Hapeman. I get news updates from and very often there's cool pics that people send in to the website - like this one for example... thought I'd share! ;)


Anonymous Loumeister said...

Well all your friends here in Ottawa I'm sure are glad you're staying an extra day. ^_^

10:08 AM  
Blogger Chris Feela said...

YO! Dog, I gotta give you a call so we can meet up and do this dread thing! I'm waiting for some food to come up, but I'll call you after I'm done munching!

8:22 PM  

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